Uncle Luck

Motivational Speaking & Comedy

Employing a strategic methodology infused with unconventional insights, Uncle Luck specializes in empowering individuals to shatter the obstacles that hinder their progress.
What All Do I Do?

A Lifelong Passion Striving To Impact The Lives Of Others

Shawn Bernard, also known as “Uncle Luck,” is a dynamic content creator and entrepreneur from Lafayette, Louisiana. He has captured the hearts of over 30 million users worldwide through his engaging presence on social media, covering a wide range of  topics. Shawn attended the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, where he became a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. He complemented his professional development with an Engineering Certification from the Drilling Fluid Academy, paving the way for his initial career in the oil and gas industry. This diverse background set the stage for his eventual transition into entertainment. In October 2022, Shawn released his debut studio album, “Luckie Charm,” which became a sensation. He also tours as Uncle Luck, delivering inspirational comedy shows, and has showcased his acting prowess in the film “When Country Meets the City.”

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Motivational Speaking

Inspiring you to reach new heights and unlock your full potential.

Creole Comedy

Bringing laughter and joy, uniting audiences in a shared experience of humor and cultural celebration.

Music & Acting

Delivering a mesmerizing blend of storytelling and soulful melodies.

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Speaking Topics:


Finding Your Why

Drawing from his own experiences, he inspires and motivates others to align their actions with deeper purposes.

Building Confidence

Imparting wisdom on building self-assurance, addressing self-doubt, and fostering a positive mindset crucial for personal and professional success.

Time Vs. Money

Providing practical advice based on his entrepreneurial experiences to value time as a crucial resource while achieving financial goals.

Facing Your Fears

His focus is on resilience and the transformative power of a positive mindset to navigate life’s obstacles.
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My Latest Productions & Events

I host various events and produce a plethora of different video styles and skits. Explore a few of them below!


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Don't Give Up! You Are Almost To The Finish Line.


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Deep In the hear of Acadiana, Uncle luck’s Creole Seasoning was conceived. The distinctly crafted creole spice season-all blend was made from the rich culinary flavors of Southwest Louisiana.